About Me – WeSewDesign

My name is Masaki

I am passionate about clothing. Whether you need simple alterations, custom tailored clothing, theater costumes, or fashion consulting, I want to help you look your very best.
What I love about what I do:

  • I love when people said, “you saved my dress!”
  • I love to see people happy when they tried clothes I had altered on and said “this feels much better and looks good.”
  • I love to solve problems.
  • I love to change bad designed dress to better design.
  • I love to see nicely fitted suit.


  • I love when actors come up to me and say, “I didn’t know what to do with my character until I saw the costume I am going to wear!”
  • I love to solve problems.

Fashion design:

  • I love natural fibers.
  • I love to design harmonious clothes, not only beautiful but also functional.
  • I love nice suits.
  • I love nice Pants.
  • I love Issei Miyake.