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  • Please send me an email if you are interested in any of the masks.

    Although making something that helps other people give me a good feeling, it is still not as “exciting” as creating theater costumes or custom clothing when I think about this “New Normal” we are in. I do hope to see the day would come soon when we don’t need to wear these. (I suppose it is still an individual’s choice whether to wear or not to wear.)

    Here is the list of my masks. The masks in the first image below are $8.00/ a mask. The outer fabrics are Kona Cotton with a thread count of about 120. People call “Quilters cotton.” I use Cotton flannel or 2 layers of high-quality batiste inside. The batiste feels much more breathable in the summertime, but softness and warmth of flannel are nice in colder weather. Flannel is one of the good characteristic fabric for protection according to some research papers I read. But this batiste is a great one with 178 thread count, tightly woven, I believe it is also one of the good fabrics for protection. I am doubling this batiste for inside, they are thin and soft, 2 layer is just the right thickness. So unless you specifically tell me you like to have flannel, I use batiste for the inside of all my masks. (please note though, these are not medical-grade masks, These face masks are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any form of the disease.)

    The masks in the next image are $8.50/ a mask. These outer fabrics have a higher thread count of 204 and 224, some are woven with nice thinner yarns. I really like these fabrics, and my family members like these very much especially in this summer weather. For this, I use 2 layers of high-quality batiste (thread count 178), this combination makes perfect right weight masks, and still, it gives a good feeling of protection.

    Be safe and well!